Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photo Walk | Texture

Inspired by Elise's recent postings on her photo walks (down the left hand side she has a title called Photo Walks, just click on this as I'm having problems with blogger getting the link)  I decided since it was homework afternoon that we would eat afternoon tea in the car on the way home from school (thereby saving 15-20 minutes in preparation and eating time) and then when we got home, all the kids needed to do was unpack their school bags.  That way we could go for a 20 minute walk and come back home and get stuck into the homework.

James wasn't overly fussed when I told him initially about my idea of going for a walk to look for texturesd as he wanted to read his book however I told him we needed the fresh air and it would be fun and then we would do the homework.  To entice him further I told him that he was in charge of the iphone "notes" and had to list down all the items that we found ie tree, shade cloth, rocks etc. which he was keen on. So off we wandered up the street and looked for all sorts of different textures and we found plenty.

When I had taken enough photos and we were going to walk back I told Sienna it was her turn to have the iphone and she could take photos on the textures.  It was a nice little distraction from just coming home and playing in the backyard and besides that, if I let them play in the backyard for 20 minutes and called them into do their homework it's very difficult to entice them to stop playing and come and concentrate on homework.  So the walk was time out without causing a lot of "why do we have to come inside" quotes.  So without any further delay here are the 8x8 pages I made of our very first Photo Walk titled TEXTURE.  I highly recommend you do this little activity with your kids as you can find 15-20 minutes to get out of the house and it's free.  We actually were gone for 30 minutes but it was a very leisurely stroll.  This would be a good holiday activity as there are plenty of ideas you could use, numbers, specific colours, letters, shapes etc.  I'm going to see how many pages we can do maybe once a week and put it in a little 8x8 printed photo book of our neighbourhood which I think would be really cool.

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