Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photo Walk | Footprints & Country Old (by Karin)

My good friend and "Project 365 - 2009" partner is on holidays at the beach this week and I sent her the link to Elise's photo walk and thought she might like to do some themes herself for some relaxing photography pictures while she is away.  She has totally impressed me with her first one themed "Footprints" and her next one today "Country Old".  I think they look fantastic and the kids and I are already talking about themes for this weekend.  They both want to pick a theme so I suggested we do one on Saturday being Sienna's pick which she is wanting "Flowers" and on Sunday James is wanting "Trees".  This is such a cool and easy thing to do. 

                                                           Photo Walk  |  Footprints 

Photo Walk  |  Country Old

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