Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week in the Life - Day 4 - 26th April, 2012

Day 4 started out with all of us in bed sick.  James had a fever and lost his voice, Sienna had a slight fever and was not herself and I had hay fever and no energy.  We did nothing much but lay in bed most of the day and I read Sienna one of her favourite books "The Cow that Laid an Egg".  While I was making lunch I got Sienna to do her reading books for school and later in the afternoon I got James to do some homework.

Even though I didn't feel like it late in the afternoon we had to make a trip to the chemist to get a whole variety of "health" supplements and I walked out spending $94.  I nearly had a heart attack when she told me the price given that I hadn't even got any prescription medicines.  I'm not overly into vitamin supplements however given the way we were all feeling and with winter coming along I picked up some supplies to get us at least on top of our health.  

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  1. We have had two really bad extended winters for both children, especially the eldest. Vitmins have become important! Hope you all feel better soon!