Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Science Centre

Last Saturday afternoon I took the kids to the Science Centre which was closed for 3 months while they moved it to another floor of the building. It re-opened at the end of January and it's a lot smaller space now but houses most of the regular favourite science exhibits. There is a special Whodunit? section which is a new exhibit set up as an interactive CSI set. Yes, there is a dead body (but the sign says, it's not real, so make your kids aware of this so they don't get a shock when they see a man knocked unconscious on the floor). For now as it's late I'll leave you with the main crime scene photos of poor old Arthur Locke, the security guard (aka the dummy) from the Menagerie Park who was found at 10.00 am deceased. You have to solve the crime by working out step by step how he came to be deceased and WHO_DUN_IT.

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