Monday, April 2, 2012

Local Farmers Market

Yesterday we headed out for some breakfast of poffertjes (dutch pancakes) at the local Farmers Market. A couple of years ago Sienna wouldn't even try poffertjes however she is right into them now eating them up. I got two plates and we shared them between us. Well, they got a plate each and then I ate equal amounts off their plates. YUM.

We also bought some lovely pineapples, apples and some amazing meat from the guys who own the cattle property. We had sausages and steak last night and OMG that steak was to die for. He told me if I wasn't happy with it I should contact him because he promised me I would love it and love it I did. I'm so glad Brisbane has these markets now because after moving back from Melbourne in 2004 where we bought all our produce at the South Melbourne markets and returning home to Brisbane having to shop for produce at the supermarket just wasn't the same. These markets have now been thriving in Brisbane for many years and it's just so much better. It's always nice getting out and about at your local market.

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