Sunday, April 22, 2012

Links to Ali Edwards and Home Life Simplified

I have finally worked out how to attach the links to the icons to the right for Ali Edwards December Daily and Home Life Simplified so now if you click on the icons it will go straight to their blogs.  With Ali's I've just left it at her main page which has her blogs and projects rather than directly linking it to December Daily.

I am participating in Week in the Life (WITL) this week so the camera will get a working out this week.  I am undecided about how I want to put this project together and at this stage I'm thinking maybe a photo book.  I'm not worrying about that this week all I'm going to be doing is recording and photographing and then next week I will think about how to proceed after I am inspired by every ones pages who will link up with Ali's blog.

PS. Does anyone know how to change the size of the photos when you upload them.  It looks like with the new blogspot format that my photos have reverted back to the small size.  I had a look through the menus but as it's all changed I'm not sure where I need to go to correct this.


  1. Once the photo has uploaded into your post, click on the photo and then it gives you options ... there are three or four sizes I think, but one of them is original size.
    This is all done while you are drafting your post, not once you have published it.

  2. Oh, thanks....hopefully you don't have to click every single photo or do you? I do like that it loaded them much quicker than before but I was a little bit confused by it all (but then again I'm blonde, and I pay good money for that colour!!! ha ha). Thanks Amy