Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fishing - Part 2

Here's a few more photos from our fishing adventure the other day. Lots of pictures of the crabs that a fisherman caught and had to throw back because it was female which is the law in Queensland, not sure about everywhere else. A few more pictures of the kids fishing and a picture of the Loo.

Yes, I said Loo. These are automatic toilets that are self cleaning, they play music, they talk to you and apparently if you are loitering around outside the toilets for more than 10 minutes something happens. Maybe sets off an alarm or something, I can't recall what it was because I was so amused at reading all the instructions.

You also only have 10 minutes in the toilet so if you are unwell not sure if you have to go out and come back in for your next 10 minutes. It was very space age and a really funny experience that Sienna just had to go to twice while we were there. The person's voice welcomes you and then beautiful piped music is played while you do your business. When you need toilet paper you press a button and it rolls down by itself. Then when you put your hand underneath the soap dispenser the toilet is clever and realizes you must be finished so flushes by itself. Next up is the water then the air dryer and with the push of a button you can unlock the door and leave. Trust me, it was a giggle and an experience in itself.

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