Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week in the Life - Day 6 - 28th April, 2012

The weekend was going to be rainy so reading the paper in bed with a cup of coffee was just what I needed on Saturday morning.  That being said, I had to get out of bed and fetch the camera to go outside to take a photo of Sienna collecting the paper in the rain.  I get both Saturday and Sunday newspapers delivered which is a luxury not to have to drive out and buy the paper first thing in the morning.

The kids watched some tv and played in their rooms with James getting into the Lego and Sienna doing some craft work.

In the afternoon we had to go and vote for our local Council Elections and for the Lord Mayor of Brisbane so we ventured out in the rain to do that.  The local elections have been very quiet compared with the recent State Election, so much so, I didn't even know the date it was being held.  I figured I didn't have to pay too much attention because it would be on the front page of the local newspaper however it didn't even get mentioned on the cover.  There was an article inside the paper, luckily I remembered it was at the end of the month.  Graham Quirk has been re-elected for 4 years.  After Campbell Newman (our new Premier of Queensland) resigned from the Lord Mayor's job a while back Graham Quirk was put in place to do the job however he has been re-elected by the people to do the job for the next 4 years on his own merit.

We ventured out to the School Disco which was from 5.00-6.30 pm for Preps to Grade 3 and then on the way out we had a sausage in bread for dinner.  It was straight home to warm pj's and bed after that as our feet and shoes were soaked because of the rain.  Here's our photos for Day 6 with only 1 more to go.

Week in the Life - Day 5 - 27th April, 2012

We had another day of sick kids today and our Doctors appointment wasn't until late in the afternoon.  In the morning Tim (my landscaper, yes I have a landscaper) came around to trim up the mock orange hedges out the front as it has been a year since they were trimmed and not the sort of thing I'm willing to tackle considering some of the bushes are twice my height.  Tim's dog is called Baxter and he's very friendly so Sienna wanted a pat of him.  Our beautiful friend from Rainbow Bay called in for a coffee and a chat which was lovely to catch up with her.

What's that saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" well today I got the "slinky apple cutter" out of the cupboard so they have been munching on slinky apples today.  We eventually made it to the doctors and the prognosis was a "virus" and to keep doing what we are doing, fluids and panadol or nurofen.

I promised the kids on the way back from the doctors that we would pick up a couple of videos.   James got out "Tin Tin", Sienna got "Puss n Boots" and I got out "Moneyball" with Brad Pitt.  It's the one about the losing baseball team which I must admit I was disappointed with and I had really been looking forward to it.  I loved the fact that it was a true story, I loved their formula for picking their team and how that all panned out however I didn't like they kept going back and him thinking.  I have seen "Blindside" and "The Help" in the past few months and they were fantastic movies so while the story and the actors were good I didn't like the way it was delivered and I'm not really that fussy with movies.  Here's our wonderful photos for Day 5.

Week in the Life - Day 4 - 26th April, 2012

Day 4 started out with all of us in bed sick.  James had a fever and lost his voice, Sienna had a slight fever and was not herself and I had hay fever and no energy.  We did nothing much but lay in bed most of the day and I read Sienna one of her favourite books "The Cow that Laid an Egg".  While I was making lunch I got Sienna to do her reading books for school and later in the afternoon I got James to do some homework.

Even though I didn't feel like it late in the afternoon we had to make a trip to the chemist to get a whole variety of "health" supplements and I walked out spending $94.  I nearly had a heart attack when she told me the price given that I hadn't even got any prescription medicines.  I'm not overly into vitamin supplements however given the way we were all feeling and with winter coming along I picked up some supplies to get us at least on top of our health.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life - Day 3 - 25th April, 2012

Day 3 happens to be Anzac Day so I took a photo of the badges I had bought for James and Sienna and the little story that went with it.  We went on a BBQ lunch to a local picnic area and the kids kicked the ball around and had a wander down to the creek to check it out.  Here's some of the photos for Day 3.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week in the Life - Day 2 - 24th April, 2012

Here are some of my photos for Day 2 of Week in the Life which was going to be a much quieter than Day 1 however I still managed to get heaps of photos.  Here are Tuesday's picks.

First up is the kids "Inner Health Plus" with juice.  The juice is a treat and the Inner Health Plus is a kick start for both of them after being run down and exhausted from Term 1 of school.

This is the time we left home this morning for the school run. It was 10 minutes later then what I had planned however, this is REAL LIFE and that's what I am documenting this week.

Dropping the kids off at school today.  I'm one of the lucky Mum's because both my kids love going to school so I don't have to worry about pushing them out of the car at drop off (that doesn't sound very good does it?)  What I mean to say is, they are both keen learners and happily go off to school each day. 

Back home to do start the morning routine of household chores.  Put the washing on, empty the dishwasher and have some morning toast.

Next up on the agenda was making Lentil soup which I haven't made in ages and it's delicious.  I'm not into lentils personally however a work friend made this for me for lunch about 9 years ago and I make it over the winter months and usually have some toast with it.  The soup is really thick and a meal in itself. 

Some photos of some of our neighbours up the road, aren't they cute!

Tonight Sienna requested a bath by candle light as she remembered when I was practising my "low light photography" and wanted to have the candles tonight.  These are fake ones from the $2 shop which have a battery in them which is perfectly safe for her to have without supervision.  My real candles were props used in my assignment for "low lighting" and she was my willing participant at the time.  This also made for a lovely photo I thought.  I took 11 shots and this was my best one which I'm happy with and the other 10 are "on the drawing room floor" so to speak.

While Sienna was having her bath James was putting together his Lego creation.  He is amazing when it comes to instructions and does not need any help from his mother, thank goodness as I am not very good at instructions.  I'm so proud of him when it comes to taking the time to work this stuff out.  The photo with me is taken by pointing the camera directly into a really large mirror which is sitting on the floor leaning against the wall.  It's one of the things on that long "to do list" to get it put up on the wall, but it is really heavy and has tiny keyhole hooks at the back with no margin for error.  Must put it up before the first anniversary of moving into this house arrives which is very soon.