Thursday, March 1, 2012


Last Monday 27th February, 2012 Sienna turned 6 years old.....I can still remember when she was born by C-section and the doctor was poking and prodding so much in order to get her out I could feel myself about to faint even though I was lying down. You know the feeling when you it starts from the bottom of your toes and then it goes right up through your body in a matter of seconds and you know you are going to pass out. I was focusing on trying to keep it from happening because I didn't want to miss out on the birth. I was telling the doctor to hurry up because I was about to faint and it seemed to go on for ever. I'm sure it was probably only 5 minutes but I knew I was loosing but managed to keep it together to see my beautiful daughter born. The photo with Sienna and I under all those blankets is to keep us warm, we were freezing. So very glamous this child birth thing!!!

This year Sienna received an Ipod Shuffle in pink of course (what other colour is there!) and it's the size of a postage stamp, with no screen just 4 arrows. Volumne up and down, and songs forward or backwards. My very good friend helped me load the age appropriate dance songs onto it so when she opened her present, it was good to go. I also bought a little set of portable speakers which can be plugged into the wall or alternatively use batteries so that both the kids could dance and listen to the music together.

James is my technology guru and I knew he would wish he had one of these himself and the look on his face when Sienna opened the little box was priceless.....basically his reaction was OMG I can't believe she got that.

Sienna is over the moon with her present and thanked me about 10 times on the day that it was the best present ever. The next day she kept thanking me again and she said "I know I have already told you this before but it's the best present ever and I keep having to say it to you". How precious is she.

We had the family over for "Freddo Frog Ice Cream Cake" which was her special request (easy for Mum, just a trip to Woollies) as she had tasted this ice cream cake sometime back at a friends place. It was a bit hit with everyone and all gone in about 10 minutes. Inside the icecream are little chocolate freddo heads about the size of a 5 cent piece.

She had an awesome birthday weekend starting with taking 3 school friends to skating on Saturday afternoon followed by Sunday morning family morning tea and Monday morning which was her actual birthday I made pancakes for breakfast with home made ice cream and maple syrup (which she calls maple sirry-up". Tuesday afternoon 3 family presents from interstate arrived in the mail so she had an amazing 4 day celebration. Happy Birthday sweet girl. Love Mummy xxxx

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  1. I was about to say you do the BEST cakes and you went and spoilt that illusion :-) but you sure do present them well! and I think I know what you should get the big boy for HIS birthday! my girs love their ipods, one has a pink shuffle and the other a cheapie that she won but still works just as good. I bought a clock radio that allows the ipod to play through it and use that as a speaker (no batteries needed)Only thing lacking is apparently trendy music, lucky our teacher aide knows all about that and she has loaded them up with all of the right music! ;-)