Sunday, March 11, 2012


My nephew Matthew had his Senior Formal this weekend and I put my hand up to take the photos of him and his girlfriend. I had to take the photos a little earlier than I would have liked because the kids and parents had a pre-formal party to attend at 5.30 pm and given the sunset time of 6.10 pm all the photos had to be over by 5.30 pm which is around about the start of the best shooting time. My favourite photo of the afternoon was the last photo I took of them which is the first photo in this post. You might notice Matthew was standing on tippy toes because he looks slightly taller than her. It's a SOOC (straight out of camera) shot and hands down this is my favourite photo. Nice to do a photo shoot of teenagers all dressed up for a night out. I gave Matthew the best 40 photos tonight and they went up on facebook immediately so I have no problems putting them on my blog.

It's a great memory which will end up getting printed in my blog book. By the way my blog book I ordered has already shipped from the States in about 3 days flat so I'm looking forward to it arriving to see what it's like.

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