Friday, March 30, 2012

Observing different activities

Yesterday afternoon we had a visit to the library and James picked up another Tin Tin book to read. He is obsessed with Tin Tin and I love the fact that he chose reading over watching TV last night which says a lot for Tin Tin.

Sienna on the other hand was trying out her drawing of a chicken on the blackboard using her hands as wings which I thought was very cute. Over the holidays I'm going to get the kids to do some drawings and paintings to go in our art gallery above the blackboard so that it looks finished.

PS. This morning Sienna took some rubbish to the bin through the garage and there were no screams which means no unwanted visitors this morning. Fast forward 10 mins or so when we were ready to go and the kids got in the car I heard the car door slam and Sienna scream at the top of her voice. The scream that sent a shiver through my spine (yes....more than yesterday's snake scream). I ran as fast as I could and apparently Sienna had put her hand where it shouldn't have been and James had slammed the door on her fingers....seriously my heart was now racing a million miles and hour and James had the door opened, I ran in to get the ice pack and got back to the car and they were both crying.

They were both in the wrong as Sienna often gets in my side of the car while James is getting in behind the drivers seat and I've trained Sienna not to use the bit of the car between the two doors to hoist herself up onto the seat. She's pretty diligent about this but not this morning. James was in tears, Sienna was in tears and I tried to explain to them what to do so in the future it doesn't happen again. James said he checked and her hand wasn't in the door...however that statement doesn't wash when clearly her hand was in the door. Sienna needs to make sure her hand is never near that part of the car and James needs to wait until she is in her car seat before he shuts the door. He was feeling really bad and upset about it. Talk about exciting mornings (not!!) I don't think my heart could take anymore of this. On holidays for 2 weeks now so no rushing out to school in the morning and hopefully we all won't be so tied when we start back with our school is never dull in this household. Thankfully both kids and Mum survived but I could have done without it that's for sure.

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