Monday, March 5, 2012


All kids love magic tricks and my two are no exception. James was visiting a friend of his a little while ago and wanted to try the trick he had learnt. The other day the kids hovered around me as I finished off my can of diet coke so they could try the trick themselves. Here's a couple of pictures of my clever kids!!! (I'm a bit bias of course but it does makes for a cool photo don't you think. I was laying on the floor to take these photos, all in the name of photography and magic.

If you can work out why it stands up by itself without knowing the answer you are very clever....stay tuned and I'll fill you in tomorrow.


  1. Magnets? Sand in the bottom?

    I really don't know .... but I have two children who would love to find out!

    Better later than never .. Happy Birthday Sienna! :-)

  2. Amy, get the kids to fill the can half with water!!! It's that simple. Get them to show Dad without letting him on the "how to" bit.

  3. Seriously? I'll have to go and get a can of something now ... that seems hard to believe. I will report back on our findings!

  4. Look forward to hearing how you go....