Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The week before Sienna turned 6 she lost her very first tooth front and centre. The tooth was very wriggly for a week or so and by the time it was nearly out it was higher than all the others. It's amazing how teeth work really, coming out and getting new ones to replace them. She has a complete little hole in the shape of the tooth but I can't see the new tooth yet. It came out when she was at school and she was very excited in the afternoon at pick up time to give me the good news. The tooth fairy came over night and she received a $2 coin in the bowl. She told me she wanted to buy an ice block at school the next day and I objected to one tooth falling out and buying a sugar product with the money. They both get a 50 cent ice block on Fridays from the tuck shop so I told her she had to keep the $2. The money is somewhere around the house still as she was carrying it around with her everywhere she went.

And a little bit of education here for you..... did you know that Sharks grow a new set of teeth every two weeks to replace their worn teeth, that's a hell of a lot of teeth in my opinion.

MAGIC TRICK ANSWER from yesterday..... drink soft drink first then fill the can half with water and voila..... magic.

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