Sunday, March 25, 2012

Environment Morning at School

Sienna's class has been learning all about the different environments this term and last week the kids got to dress up for their environment and bring a plate of food. Sienna had the desert which is funny because James had the desert as well when he was in grade 1. Sienna's costume was made up of an old brown towel, a belt off a pair of her jeans and a horse which she pretended was her camel. She was a camel rider in the desert and was pretty happy with her outfit. On the food front we put together some grapes on toothpicks and called them grubs.


  1. Are Gummi Bears found in the desert?! ;-)

  2. Ha ha.....I'm sure gummi bears live in all environments...coles, woollies, aldi ha ha....

  3. Yes, the wild environment of the modern day supermarket! ;-)