Saturday, March 24, 2012

AFL Season

Since James was born in Melbourne the home of AFL it seems fitting that he join our local AFL Junior Under 8's team. So I now have a new title to add to my skill set "Footy Mum". We signed up about two months ago, had a trip to the dentist to get fitted with a mouth guard, got the team shirt, footy boots and he was rearing to go.

Last Thursday night was going to be their first training session however it was rained out. He did get to meet 2 other kids who will be on the team and one of them actually goes to his school. They did get to have 10 minutes of handball and kicking before it poured down rain. The night wasn't a total loss as they put on a Welcome Sausage Sizzle which when it's raining always goes down well. Here's a few photos of him in our backyard before we left.

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