Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Most of Queensland and other southern states are going to have 8 days of rain. In the last 24 hours a massive amount of rain has fallen in Brisbane and our backyard was flooded this morning. We've had lots of rain before where the grass is soaking wet and a small amount of water sits on the top of the grass but today (Day 1 of 8) the backyard was like a "swamp" (James' words). He referred to it as the swamp because all we can hear is extremely loud croaking frogs...OMG seriously it is noisy, consistent and as far as I can tell there is more than one frog out there. James couldn't get to sleep because it was so loud.

When the kids came home from school they couldn't wait to play around in the water with their togs on and get wet. They were standing on the outside edge of trampoline and jumping into the water which when everything is wet is extremely dangerous so mummy spoilt their fun so they opted for a water fight after that. They had early warm baths and into their pj's after I took a couple of photos of their activity.

Today was our first day back at school and due to the rain our 15 min drive to school took 50 mins so instead of being early we were extremely late. The weather was to blame but it was not what I had envisaged this morning after we headed off to school. Sienna was so excited she was fully dressed at 6am complete with socks and shoes. James was also looking forward to going back to school to see his friends as well. They both had a great 1st day and tomorrow we look forward to more rain.....hoping my yard will be able to take all of this rain.


  1. Your rain is in our news too! Good luck with keeping things dry and getting to school on time ... it is obviously not cold so at least that's a good thing!

  2. hope you don't get washed away, and the water drains from your back yard quickish. no where that amount of rain up here, but nasty wind storms close by.