Sunday, January 8, 2012


At the end of 2010 I bought two Project Life kits by Becky Higgins and attempted in 2011 to keep up with it. I got through the first month of January which I had a lot of "flood" photos of Brisbane and then was in the middle of selling a house, buying a house, moving, settling in etc. and things got left behind.

Every week when Ali Edwards would post her weekly Project Life update I was inspired to get back on track but it all seems a little daunting catching up considering how busy I was packing and unpacking and sorting etc. Around August I got stuck into it again, had some photos printed and was determined to fill in the gaps. The book is probably more than half way completed and I do want to get back to it however, now its 2012 and I'm starting fresh and have decided that each Sunday is my day to get my photos for the previous week printed, do my journalling and then I'll be right for 2012.

I found my main problem was trying to only pick 7 photos to go in for the week. Also I found that as the photos are stored by date order on my computer, once they were printed I needed to go back to the computer again and find each photo and write down what dates things occurred. I was working in the lounge room with all my supplies and then having to go into the study to find the dates etc. so it wasn't very efficient. I'm hoping this year if I work on a week at a time it won't take much time and things will still be fresh in my mind.

I also found a website which was via a link on Becky Higgins blog about "Oh Life". It's a on-line storage/reminder to jot down things that occurred on that day. Sort of like an on-line diary by date order. I signed up and it sends an email to you around 8pm at night (you can specify what time) and you just reply to the email and then it's linked back to your notes. I just type a dot point list of things we did for the day. ie. went to the beach, watched a DVD, James said something funny today, it was ...... etc. Had fried rice for dinner. That way nothing is forgotten and I can include things or exclude things but it's all documented there. Sienna said something cute the other day when I took a photo of both of them and normally I might think I'll remember it, or grab a scrap piece of paper, write it down, scribble the date and then put it down. It might not make it to the supplies box and when tidying up I might end up throwing it out. This way everything is there and you can go back to any date.

Even working on the previous week you can forget things that are said when you come to journal them so I'm already liking this tool. Of course you can always do a word document yourself or write things in a notebook however a lady posted on Becky Higgins blog that she swears this has been the only way she has managed to keep up with everything for Project Life.

I've done my own title page this year based on mostly Ali Edwards brushes and stamps and Cathy Zieske's family name title, just changed mine to a 6x4 to fit into the pocket.

It's week 1 of 52 weeks in 2012 and I'm excited I've completed my first week. I just love when photos get off the computer and are around in real life photo albums. I love photo books but there's nothing better than holding or seeing real photos.

As for 2011 I have a couple of months of photos printed so just need to put them in date order and perhaps work on a week of 2011 on Sunday as well to catch up.

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