Tuesday, January 10, 2012


A couple of days ago I came across a blog called Home Life Simplified. It's right up my alley and just what I need for 2012. Deb has 52 weeks of challenges relating to organizing and simplifying your life. This type of thing is not new to me as I love 'to do' lists, setting goals, household organizing etc. however it's nice to get your life sorted week by week when others are focused on the same topic and sharing their experiences as well.

Very similar to Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" and "December Daily" even though I don't know anyone doing these projects or will ever meet them I know that others are doing the same project, sharing their results and it keeps you inspired and motivated so it's easy to stay focused and keep up with the project.

Deb is an American, married to a Brit, living in Australia and you can read all about her over here.

At the beginning of every new year there are usually New Years Resolutions or goals because sometimes you want to say goodbye to a difficult years and just want to forget it. Deb talks about gratitude and reflecting on things that did go right in 2011 which is a positive way to move forward while reflecting on the past. I liked this idea, given 2011 had lots of challenging times for us so once I thought about it I wrote a number of things down that did go right in 2011 and did not reflect on the things that went wrong as that list could have quite easily gone on forever.

Starting off the year in this way, doing weekly challenges will give me motivation, keep me focused and whilst I love organizing and am an organized person I feel like I'm all over the place so I'm excited about this "Home Life Simplified" project in 2012.

Some people are starting up blogs to share their experiences however I am just writing in a journal for myself. So if you are looking at getting your life and home organized this year check out her blog and get on board and start getting your life organized.

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  1. hi Kathy,just thought ld introduce myself, my name is kate and have been reading your blog for a while now, so today l became a follower, YAY, l notice you have taken on Project Life, just as l have this year as well, l have been followering Becky and Ali Edwards for years and just love there work as l see you do too, l love your digi pages from Ali's brushes, lm not that clever when it comes to digi work , even though l love the effect, its nice to know someone else in Australia who is doing PL and l will continue to follow your progress, l have just loaded my title page a few days ago and first pages of PL today, if you want to have a look the site is www.kateadderley.blogspot.com, nice to have come across your site........kate