Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A couple of weeks ago the kids each put together their own "Ant Paradise", "Ant World" or "Ant Planet" which ever they called it on the day. They have been finding ants in the backyard and making a little home for them. The little home (aka, a toy bathtub for Sienna and an old wok for James) has a few rocks in it with some sticks on top connecting the rocks then filled with water. I think the ants are drowning rather than escaping however it has been a great little outdoor adventure for them both.

Sienna likes to pick up the ants but they keep biting her. At breakfast yesterday she told me she got bitten again and showed me a lump on her finger to which I replied "why are you picking them up if you know they are going to bite you" her reply was "it's okay mum, it's fine, don't worry about it". The mind boggles....keep picking up the ants, and you keep getting bitten...ummmm.

Despite the ant bites she is really enjoying this and James has replaced a few of his ants from time to time. I love these old fashioned outdoor games that they make up themselves. This is truly what being a kid is all about (did I tell you I can't stand the mention of the x-box). James plays for an hour on Friday's but if I let him he would play 24/7. I love it when Sienna encourages him outside in her dirt, rock and creature activities as he got right into this with her.

I will have to take a photo of Jame's Ant Paradise tomorrow.

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  1. today my kids were catching small fish in the gutter! (desperate fish, swimming in about 2" of water, they must have swam up in the heavy rain!) not sure of the life expectancy but they had fun and better than a fish dieing of no water I guess!