Thursday, December 1, 2011

Out of Africa Circus

Last Saturday afternoon Aunty Lisa, the kids and I went to the Circus. I envisage a circus comes with lots of animals however these days it's not the case. This circus was made up of very fit African aerobic dancers, a clown, 3 tiny ponies, a big hairy gorilla (definitely not real), a little girl with a lot of hula hoops and 3 Asian girls doing balancing acts. It was on at a local park down the road and I had no idea what to expect. By the way the little girl with the hula hoops has been on Oprah as per some of the photos I saw displayed.

We actually had a really fun time and the aerobic guys were incredible doing somersaults, back flips in the air, climbing poles etc. doing the limbo which was on fire. The kids took a lot of this in because as soon as we came home Sienna was climbing up the pole in the outdoor entertainment area. It was so funny, we were inside and she was calling out "Granny look at me" and here she is at the top of the pole like a monkey with her hand out like "ta da". We had lots of fun and I was pleased we made the effort to go.

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