Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Daily - Day 7

Today I finished putting up our Christmas decorations around the place and attempted to photograph them. I don't think I would get a job for a magazine however, I was thrilled with my photo of the corner with the lamp and my new rustic wreath which I purchased after Christmas last year. I saw it at Wheel and Barrow (my favourite shop since finding out about them on Bert Newton's morning show when I was living in Melbourne about 8 years ago). Luckily for me a few years later Wheel and Barrow came to Brisbane and I cannot walk out of there without buying something. I saw the wooden wreath and was going to buy it however I had bought quite a few Christmas presents and I didn't have any more hands to carry it and I was tired so decided against it. Luckily for me after Christmas it was $15 off which was much more reasonable. How's your decorating going?


  1. I like your wreath a great deal Kathy ... unfortunately, the majority of our decorations are still in boxes, I thought we would have had them unpacked by now - but we don't, hopefully we will have them for next year!

  2. we have to date, and only just this evening, one dodgy looking stick tree up (with one colour of bells and snowflake fairy lights as decoration)and nothing else, apart from some crafty bits brought home from school. Just not in the mood this year....although we will drape some fairy lights about the place tomorrow evening so at least the outside looks festive!