Sunday, December 18, 2011

December Daily - Day 18

Today's activity was centred around wrapping the presents. I had specific ideas how I wanted this year's presents wrapped however I ended up going with some wrapping paper from IKEA (gotta love that store) and little cards for the front of the presents. I have one more present to buy and wrap and then I'm done. Tomorrow I have to express post some presents to Melbourne and Perth so they arrive in time and this week I need to do some baking of some Christmas slices etc. My sisters and I all make different slices and bring them to Mum's house on Christmas morning and then to my place for Christmas lunch and any other family gatherings over the holidays. I am famous for my "Belgium Chocolate Slice" which I have been making for many years now. Funny thing is I only ever make it at Christmas time, it's sort of a tradition with my family even though you can make it anytime during the year I always save it up for Christmas. How are your Christmas activities going? It always seems like a frantic rush in the end for some reason.


  1. Your gifts look wonderful, your slice sounds yummy could you post the recipe?