Thursday, November 10, 2011

Masterchef James

As it nears the end of the week, and the end of the year we are all getting very tired and a little cranky and my patience has gone on a holiday somewhere (destination unknown). To take James mind off being exhausted I asked him if he could help me make the pizza tonight. He first turned me down but later decided he would help. It's normally Sienna in the kitchen but I just made this about James. First of all he cut up the ham, rolled the pizza dough (homemade by me), put the pizza sauce on (also homemade by me) and then put the very simple topping of ham and cheese on the pizza.
Tonight I got the pizza stone out of a box in the garage and would you believe it I actually bought that thing from BBQ's galore this time in 2006 (yes that's 5 years ago). I bought a bit of stuff for the BBQ and it got lost somewhere in the shed and I know on the couple of occasions I went to look for it I couldn't find the box. When we were moving I finally found it. Tonight we christened the pizza stone in the oven however next time I might put it on our little BBQ which I believe you can do.

I only had enough pizza dough for the kids dinner tonight so I just had one slice and gave them the rest (what a mother)........ will have to make some more dough and freeze it again. It's handy as I have the sauce in a zip lock bag enough for a pizza and the pizza dough as well so around lunch time on the day I just pop it into the fridge and we are ready with tasty, healthy home made pizza.

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