Monday, October 24, 2011

Queen Elizabeth's Visit to Brisbane

It was Brisbane's turn for the Queen to visit our State and I understand she was flying up from Canberra this morning and flying back tonight. Her schedule is full and I would be exhausted at my age however she seems to be more a "people person" at the moment than I recall her in the past. Not that I recall her really but it's not everyday you get a visit from the Queen. These photos were courtesy of my sister who took them from her office rooftop with her zoom lens. The Queen is dressed in "pistachio" and Anna Bligh was dressed in "red" and you can make them out standing on the boat. (Click on the photo to enlarge it). The Queen greeted people at Southbank Parklands and then had a private function for special guests including people and volunteers who were and still are affected by last January's terrible floods.

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  1. Talk about a flying visit, you have to hand it to QEII, she does a great job in these circumstances!