Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Practising Low Lighting Shots

I am currently doing Karen Russell's course which is great the second time around as there is so much to learn. She has put out a "Making the Shot" issue for "low lighting" which can be purchased if you are a past or current student of hers. Based on the fact that past and current students have a basic understanding of photography having taken her class and also it's a bit special and something she has as an "advanced" suppliment to her class for her photography students.

Here's a couple of photos taken of the kids reading in bed last night. These photos are definately an improvement on what I could have taken before reading this 62 page document.

These photos are taken without flash, the main bedroom light is off and only the bedside lamp on while they are reading. I set a custom white balance setting for James room and then a new custom white balance setting for Sienna's room. Both kids were very helpful letting me do some homework and they got to read a bit more of their story at the same time so it was a win-win all round.


  1. They are fantastic Kathy! Perhaps it wouldn't be overstepping the boundaries if you could pass on a few specs? I'm also interested in what lens you would have used in this circumstance ... and what lovely compliant children you have! :-)

  2. Nice white walls .... where they always white or did you paint them just for class :)
    Great shots...I love Karen ;)