Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photo Shoot

I am enjoying doing Karen Russell's Photography Workshop for the second year running. It's great to go over stuff you have learnt to keep it in your head and pick up new things as well. My other Aussie friend Di is doing this course as well so it's nice to see another Aussie on the "forum". That being said, I took the kids up the road for a little photo shoot to play with light yesterday afternoon, something I'm still struggling with how to use effectively. I took about 60 photos and the kids, well let me just say the kids are not professional models who do as they are told so I didn't really get totally what I was hoping for. Here are a couple of pictures that I did like from our 15 min session. The bottom photo James was making Sienna laugh. Our only prop was a little Ikea $25 cane chair.

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