Friday, October 28, 2011

National Bandanna Day for Can Teen

Today is National Bandanna Day to support the charity "Can Teen" for children living with Cancer. The kids got to buy their bandanna's at school last week and James naturally picked a red one which is his favourite colour and Sienna pinked a pink one which is her favourite colour.

This charity is particularly important to us and to our school community as one of James' little class mates is going through a very tough time at the moment diagnosed with Leukemia. I think any time anyone gets very sick it's horrible and scary, however when a child gets sick it just seems so incredibly wrong on all levels. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family to help them get through a difficult road ahead.

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  1. Unfortunately I can say that we have had recent experience with a child at school last year and a young Mum this year. Last year was such an eye opener for the Grade Oners and their teacher supported them so well, in a way it has helped them for this year with the Mum of a classmate being very ill, to understand and support her son with compassion way beyond their years.