Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting ready for Halloween

Last year was the first time we something for Halloween, as one of the mum's from school who is Canadian decorated their garage like a haunted house and had an open invitation. They made it a gold coin donation for charity and I think they were shocked at the amount of people that turned up. This year I don't think they are doing it as I haven't heard anything. I would freak out if that many people queuing outside my house. This year when we moved house my new next door neighbour told me she organizes a "trick or treat" in our little 4 street estate for Halloween. The kids have been looking forward to it since we heard about a few months ago. Last night the little note was dropped in our letterbox saying we will be meeting at the end of the street on Monday to go trick or treating.

In anticipation of such an event, a few weeks ago, I bought some skeleton costumes from Spotlight for the kids to dress up so this afternoon Sienna kindly gave me a quick demo. When I say quick, I mean quick, the demo was over after 4 photos so I didn't get the chance to do anymore after that. She has some spider rings for her fingers which are cute as well. Here's a taste of her costume and I look forward to having something different to photograph. Oh how I dream of my Halloween pictures like Karen Russells however you just have to look at the location of her treat or treating with those quaint American bungalows. Looks like a Hollywood movie set. We'll be doing an Aussie Treat or Treat and it will be nice to meet any other mums in the estate too. Stay tuned for some photos next week.

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