Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Decorating kid style

Before we moved I had collected a few decorating ideas from peoples blogs and one of them was to paint blackboard paint on a wall (nothing new about that) however above the blackboard was a display of hand drawings and artwork. I'm half way through this project as I have painted the wall with blackboard paint, bought and hung all my Ikea frames, purchased an Ikea rail and plastic cups to put the chalk and rubber in etc. so 90% there. I have also bought a piece of timber to frame the blackboard however this needs to be painted before it goes onto the wall and I need to screw in the rail and pop the cups on to hold the chalk.

Lastly we need to do the artwork and pop it in the frames. Here's a few pictures of the day the blackboard was ready to write on, the kids were so excited and as soon as they got up in the morning they were at the board. As with all things sharing these things can be tricky, my side, your side, my chalk, your chalk (you get it), so I get my own blackboard bit in the middle with James having the left hand side and Sienna having the right hand side. The frames weren't up in these pictures but to give you an idea what I have been up to. This wall is in the kids hallway and you can see it from the lounge for supervision.

The first day Sienna drew a picture of a cloud with lightening and rain on the garden. James being a boy drew an x-box controller of some sort (he is obsessed about that and I cringe every time he mentions it). Another day Sienna drew a friend of ours who does dancing, her friend and their teacher (not that she knows the friend or the teacher) but it seemed that what you do at dance school. Soooo cute. The first picture was "curing" the blackboard by rubbing chalk all over it before they could draw. James got bored half way through and left Sienna to do the grunt work.


  1. The demarcation line was the thing that got me ... our two are the same!
    It's lovely to see their little interpretation of life, a great idea Kath .. looking forward to seeing those frames done now :-)

  2. oh yes, you are touching my side...nothing gets mum this idea, how does the chalk go with the carpet? great way of keeping them occupied and writing little reminder notes for oneself!