Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Timeless Games

Do you remember this game when you were little. It may look a little space age because I put a "solarize filter" over the photo in Photoshop so it makes it a bit fancy but when I was a kid we played Ker Plunk and loved it. I bought this game ages ago and put it away and yesterday decided it was a good afternoon to get it out. Maybe the end of term tiredness was not considered as the one that lost...lets just say they didn't cope too well but we just need to get through one more week of school and then we can all have a rest.

I find it really amazing that the "classic" games last through the generations like Trouble, Monopoly, Drafts, Chinese Checkers etc. and Ker Plunk has made it through another generation. What games do your kids play that you used to play when you were little?

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  1. Our kids are currently fascinated with a very large bag of marbles their Grandfather gave them recently .. I on the otherhand am sick and tired of picking them up before they get caught in the vac! My two really love checkers at the moment and they are both learning how to play Chess ... not from me, I have no clue much to my shame!