Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to me....

Today is my birthday and I was woken up at 6.10 am by James and Sienna (he had to go and wake her up first so they could come in together) and give me my presents. James got me a beautiful necklace (previously purchased by mum for him to give me). It did have a red ribbon around the present because red is his favourite colour (again, mum was thinking of him) and Sienna gave me a beautiful bracelet. They both wrote out cards and James helped Sienna finish off her writing (which was so thoughtful of James - he even told me he wrote the letters like Sienna would write them rather than his writing)...that was so adorable and I love him for that.
Every year on my birthday I take a photo of me and the kids and 4 cupcakes with candles in them. The birthday girl gets to eat 2 cupcakes and the kids each have 1 cupcake. Here is my 2011 birthday tradition photo.

I had lots of text messages, emails and phone calls from family and old friends which made the day special. Sienna made me wear a "it's my birthday" broach/ribbon to school this afternoon which I did.

I also wanted a cake for tonight and given that I have had school commitments every day this week and have been out I headed to Coles this afternoon and picked up the most adorable hedgehog cake for myself. Hey at my age a girl can have a silly birthday cake. He is so adorable and the kids just loved it. His spikes were made of chocolate white cute is he.

So the night is nearly over and I need to head to bed to get some well deserved beauty sleep.


  1. I posted a comment yesterday Kathy ... hmmm ... anyway - Happy Birthday again!!
    And, I have to say - you are looking super fantastic!!!!