Monday, August 1, 2011

WITL - Day 6

On Saturday morning I took the kids to the "Regional Flavours" expo I suppose you would call it which was at Southbank. It was 120 stalls of local and regional produce, wines, cheeses, salts, limes, you name it anything that is grown and produced food wise was there. We got in there at 10.00 am when it started so it was relatively quiet for the kids and I to check out every stall. They also had a section on sustainability which I was interested in with Ingrid from City Chicks where we bought our chickens from and also veggie gardens etc. The weather was beautiful and the kids and I really enjoyed it.

For morning tea we had strawberry-marshmallows threaded onto a skewer with a drizzle of chocolate on it - yum. We bought some lime cordial made from real limes with no sugar and it was great talking to the actual producers of the food, the maker of the pasta etc.

Sienna also got to cuddle the moo cow that was wandering around and I had a cuddle of him too which the kids thought was really funny.

We sat down on the little seats (which were upside down milk crates with fake grass on top - great idea and they also had some cardboard seats - fantastic innovation) to listen to the ABC Gardening Show Jerry Colby-Williams talk on organic veggie gardens which was great as I was keen to listen to him. The kids, while they thought it was a bit boring (it went for 40 mins) were very good even though they found it a long time to sit still. We also got some Ben and Jerry's ice cream for a gold coin donation for charity and had a great time in the sunshine. This event was in it's 3rd year and we will definitely put it on the calendar again in 2012.

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