Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WITL and Piggy Cupcakes

I was very excited to pick up my printed pages for WITL for 2011 today. I had them professionally printed from a local lab and they can do 8.5 x 11 inches for me on beautiful lustre paper. The pink/purple edges need to be trimmed as this page is a 12 inch page so if you are wondering why the top and bottom has purple on it that's why. They do a great job and am looking forward to some trimming of photos and putting in my folder. I will then do my extra journalling and fill in's for the smaller sizes like Ali's. When it's all done and printed our week looked pretty good really including all our routines.

Also I thought I would throw in a picture of the "piggy" cupcakes that James and I decorated this afternoon for tomorrow's grade 2 baking stall. I found it last night on the web, so simple. Waffer biscuits for the ears, half a white marshmallow for the nose and some chocolate drops for eyes. I only made 12 to go to school so unfortunately the kids (and I) couldn't try them out but as they are so easy I will definately make them again as they are cute and fun and not very time consuming.


  1. very cute cupcakes (will bookmark that idea!) and great to see your witl printed....wonder if your local printer does online orders, does sound interesting!

  2. Yes very interesting...might actually ask my fav printer if they can do it. Have always assumed they couldnt but I wont know till i ask. How exciting they are all done...I am almost finished.