Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WITL Day 1

Today's WITL started with me sleeping in and waking up at 7.36am (OMG) there was breakfast to be had, lunches to be made, clothes to be ironed (didn't feel like it on Sunday), hair to be brushed, photos to be taken all in 30 mins.... I did start with a good mix of pictures for day 1 and here's a few of them. Making lunches, school drop off (dress up in your favourite colour for school today which is why they aren't in school uniforms), making pumpkin soup. Getting into the car after school, parked in our favourite spot (everyone's got one) playing out the back pushing each other along.

I've purchased the 2011 template of Ali's to do as I like to go along with what's on offer. Not overly fussed on the colours but I might be able to change those if need be in photoshop. I definitely like the idea of photos and journalling this week and putting it together next week otherwise the project becomes to daunting I think. Sharon, glad you can see my blog and Di if my pages come out alright I would love to pop them on the new scrapbooking blog.


  1. Looks like a great start Kathy!

  2. and I like seeing glimpes of the new chez kathy too during this process!