Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm back

Well after our big move and no internet for 2 weeks I have been busily unpacking and doing things that need to be done when you move to a new house. Engage locksmiths to change all the locks and key them to like so there is one key that fits 5 doors, get the tv antena man to install points and fix the existing one, get the bushes trimmed and lawn mowed and on my to do list is the electrician to install some extra power points and an outside light in the alfresco area. Lots of exciting things to do when I have a new place to make my own.

Our backyard is small but flat and very private which I love. Yesterday afternoon after school James made a kite for himself as Sienna had come home from school with one and they ran around the back yard flying their kites. James made a little room on his and drew a person and a bed in his (very inventive). I love our new home and look forward to doing the place up bit by bit. Here are a few pictures from our backyard yesterday afternoon.


  1. YIPEE!!!!!
    I love the look of the backyard...and those rocks look like fun :)
    So glad to hear you are happy xxx

  2. So good to see you back online Kathy - the backyard looks ideal for the kids and supervision and kite flying of course!