Sunday, June 19, 2011

Home Made Pizza

On Friday afternoon I popped into a store called "Simply Good" to pick up some bakers flour to make some home made pizza dough. I popped all the ingredients in the breadmaker before I left to pick up the kids from school and then by the time dinner was ready our dough was ready to roll and make our fresh pizza's. We tried a new recipe given to me by a friend and it was delicious and didn't taste too "yeasty". Sienna wanted to help roll out the pizza base so got to work sprinkling a little bit of flour on it and rolling it all directions.

We just had very plain toppings of ham and cheese and I threw on some home grown spring onions from our old house (yes they have been in a container in the fridge for 2 weeks are are still fresh). We tucked into our pizza on a chilly Friday night and got great pleasure out of the fact that we had made it ourselves. It is so much cheaper and healthier and gives me a good feeling. The ham we used is what the kids call "fat ham". In other words like the store bought ones instead of our little shaved ham slices that we use for school lunches. I bought a knob of ham from the meat section of Coles and chopped it up into quite chunky pieces and used that. I froze the rest of it already cut up and put into zip lock bags so our next pizza's will be quick and easy.


  1. Yum! The new kitchen looks good too!

  2. you are looking nicely settled in, and that pizza looks yum! we always make our own - but I do buy a base, or even split english muffins and make mini pizzas which were a huge success with the whole family.