Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's going on around here

There are a lot of these things at my house at the moment. Lots of things to pack and I'm trying to do as much as I can before the move date creeps up on me in 30 days time. We have no where to move to yet which is very stressful on top of what already is a very stressful situation. They say these things make you stronger when life steers you in a different direction; for me I just get plain old cranky that this was not what I planned for myself or my 2 beautiful children. So for now there is endless packing, taping and labeling and decluttering. Hopefully in 6 months time when we are settled and I have created a new normal for us I will feel okay but for now I am not good with the "unknown". I do know that I have 2 amazing kids whom I couldn't live without and who love me unconditionally and I am very grateful that I am their mother.


  1. Kathy this is a big time for you - I am glad the house sold and I am sure the right place will turn up for you and the kids! Good Luck with the house hunting :-)

  2. thinking of you, hope the house sold for a good price!

  3. when you do find your new normal you WILL find a new happiness...i have xxx