Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prawns for dinner

My sister came over for dinner the other night and we were going to do some packing but instead she read bedtime stories to my kids and I made us Linguine with Lemon Prawns for dinner....YUM. Mind you most of the things that I needed for cooking had actually been packed away so the degree of difficulty was sort of like the contestants on Masterchef cooking without a recipe. I had only one small saucepan out, no measuring cups, no lemon juicer, no fine grater for lemon peel....after each step I thought this probably wasn't the best of ideas but the prawn recipe had been sitting next to my computer for about 6 weeks and I was keen to make it. It was nice, a little bland for my liking so we popped some chilli sauce in but I think I will use real chillies next time to give it a little kick. No packing but a really yummy meal.

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