Sunday, April 3, 2011

Veggie Garden

I have recently been neglecting our veggie garden as there has been other things going on in our life however this afternoon I got my hands dirty (well I did wear gloves) and dug out the tomato bush that wasn't going so well and a huge basil bush that had gone to seed. I fed the basil to Coco and Fluffy our chickens and threw the infected tomato bush in the bin rather than the compost).

I did the little trip to Bunnings Garden Centre early today and then I was able to plant butterhead lettuce, beans, basil and some spring onions. I think tomorrow I will plant some coriander seeds as I miss just popping out to the garden and cutting a handful of home grown herbs. All of this will be ready in about 6 weeks so not too long to wait again. When you don't have anything to harvest you really miss it and nothing tastes as good as home grown produce.

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