Thursday, April 28, 2011


James and Sienna have 3 wonderful grandparents and you have no idea how much their relationship with my kids mean to me. I couldn't have asked for more interested and caring grandparents and I am very grateful to Granny (my Mum) in Brisbane and Nanny & Poppa Waz in Melbourne. This afternoon a big envelope arrived from Pop Waz with lots of interesting articles he has cut out of the paper and saved up for the kids that would be interesting for them. About a month ago he sent up a big scrapbook with some other articles already pasted into it and these ones will get stuck into the book as well. These kinds of things are amazing and their love for my children is wonderful. I love you Granny and Nanny & Pop and so does James and Sienna. xxxx


  1. This is the most wonderful thing I have heard in ages!!! What a great idea and what awesome Grandparents. This has given me an idea...I might start a scrapbook of interesting articles for the girls. I think they will be awesome to look back on.
    I love Granny and nanny & Pop.

  2. I agree, this is fantastic - my Mum does those sorts of things - the postie knows his way to our place for sure and the kids get very excited when they see him stopping in the van with another parcel!