Saturday, April 9, 2011

GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art)

This afternoon my mum, sister and the kids and I went to the Gallery of Modern Art to see a display of "finches" and "coat hangers". Yes, you heard right, little tiny birds called finches and the wire coat hangers that you get from the dry cleaners. They had a room which had a limit of 21 people at a time and each person had to wear a tag with a number on it when you went into the room. It consisted of 4 main sections of coat hangers attached to each other hanging down from the roof. When the finches would fly and land on one of the coat hangers the coat hangers would move thereby setting off a chain reaction of each coat hanger touching another coat hanger which sounded like music. It was a very interesting exhibition and the birds are so cute. When I was growing up I had a couple of finches myself and loved them. The 4 sections were divided up into seed, water, nesting baskets and a different type of nesting area. Who would have thought of such an exhibition is beyond me but it was very interesting.

After that we went to another section where we had to wait in a queue for about 10-15 mins to go into a black room which had a little walkway surrounded by water and these amazing glowing balls hanging everywhere. I think is supposed to have something to do with infinity. It was weird and when you are in there it's like a disco and your clothes are very bright. I had time to take 4 photos of which 1 was blurred and then next minute the doors open and it was time to leave. I think you get about 1 minute in there - not long. I don't even know what it was called but the kids loved it and we did as well. Around this black room was a huge display of what looked like bowling balls in silver which is quite effective.

The kids wanted and ice cream after all the good behaviour at the museum so of course there were sprinkles involved and then we walked back to the car and went home.

We would normally park directly underneath the GOMA building however since the January floods all the underground car parks there are still closed because of the water and damage. It was a bit of a trek to get to another car park a few blocks away when normally you'd be straight underneath the building. Hope you enjoy some of the weird and wonderful photos I took this afternoon. You'll see me in a few of them with the camera up to my face!!!

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