Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tropical Cyclone Yasi

Queensland has taken a real beating this year with flooding to 75% of the State and now Tropical Cyclone Yasi which is a category 5 cyclone due to hit between Innisfail and Cardwell tonight between 11-12pm. Cyclone Larry hit Innisfail 5 years ago and it was only a category 4 which destroyed so much of the town so Yasi is not going to be good. I couldn't imagine anything more frightening that being in the smallest room in your house for 6-7 hrs with winds up to 295 kms per hour and continuous rain. I know when I wake up in the morning and turn on the TV I will be shocked and yet we are lucky enough here in Brisbane to be no where near it. Everyone is off the streets and waiting it out now but tomorrow will be a different story.

The cyclone measures 1,000 kms across, that is massive, almost from Brisbane to Sydney and the eye of the cyclone is up to 150 kms. Cyclone Larry at a category 4, eye measured 35 kms and we know how much damage that did. My thoughts go out to all those experiencing this frightening event.

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