Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sienna's 5th birthday

Today is Sienna's 5th birthday and oh how things have changed in more ways than one since she was born for us all. She is a very happy, bubbly, cheeky girl who loves the outdoors. She is very affectionate and tells me that she loves me all the time and gives me big kisses and cuddles. She loves her brother James and if we are at a park from even when she was little she would tell anyone she met that it was her brother James.
So in honour of her 5th birthday we had the birthday pancakes and ice cream and shared what was the last of the maple syrup between the 3 of us. I think we managed to get a tablespoon each as I didn't realize we were just about out and I had already made the morning trip to the corner shop for the ice cream. Anyway both James and Sienna were thrilled with the breakfast pancakes and told me I was the best mummy in the world. For that I think I would make pancakes everyday!!!
Kids too hungry so I couldn't go upstairs and blow-dry my hair for the photos... anyway it was all about Sienna today. Happy Birthday beautiful girl.
Here are a few pic's of our breakfast and I'll post some photos of her presents tomorrow so stop by then.

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