Tuesday, February 1, 2011

December Daily 2010

During December I did a little photo shoot with our Christmas Tree at the local park. Just as well I don't get embarrassed easily however we carted it from the car to a spot, put the camera on the tripod and here are a few photos from our afternoon. I didn't get too many with myself in there as by the time I had taken the ones of the kids they were just about over it and I managed a couple with me in but would have preferred some nicer ones. Still, I was pretty happy my kids are mostly obliging to my crazy ideas around Christmas time. Click on the photo to enlarge.


  1. Well done Kathy - I need to get over feeling self conscious in these situations, because the results are just wonderful!

  2. Amy, those things don't bother me but I felt really embarassed asking Cam from the Today Show the other day to be in a photo so I didn't. Only because I felt like a teenager asking a celebrity...well known to the public anyway. It is very unlike me but I felt like more of a groupie. Being in a park with bike riders, dog walkers etc. taking silly photos I couldn't care less about....particularly when the cause is a good photo I'm in.