Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weather in Brisbane

The news footage of the floods in Queensland and surrounding areas are just unbelievable at the moment and even watching the news you can't believe it's happened and is still unfolding. Toowoomba which is 1.5 hrs away from Brisbane and sits on the top of a mountain had a flash flood yesterday down their main street. The police have referred to it as an "inland tsunami" as there were no other words to describe it. Big 4wdrives were floating down the main street crashing into trees and knocking them over. People sitting on the top of roofs waiting to be rescued.

We are all sick of the rain here being stuck in doors with bored kids however nothing compares to what these people are experiencing and their lives being turned upside down. Unfortunately there has also been loss of life and this is the most tragic part. I was a little girl when the 1974 floods hit Brisbane and I remember it being underwater, West End, Milton just about everywhere but I did see some footage of those floods on TV today which were taken from the air and I must admit I couldn't believe it. Wivenhoe Dam was built after the floods to protect Brisbane and so far it has done the job however today we have king tides, the overflow being let out of Wivenhoe Dam and the continuing rain which is causing parts of Brisbane to be flooded today.

I have just heard that the Brisbane river has broken it's banks in Eagle Street in the city and those buildings are being evacuated. Where we live we are fine, water logged but safe. When will this weather end, it's hard to imagine things can get much worse for these people where the water is headed.


  1. It is all incomprehensible - stay dry and safe ok?:-)

  2. have been wondering this evening if you were in a safe suburb, and also my cousin who I think lives in Auchenflower (or another suburb starting with A!) hope you have lots of bread and milk on hand, expecting supplies of fresh produce to get scarce up here in the north as the roads are cut in the south east, trucks can't even come inland now.
    thinking of you