Friday, January 14, 2011

Still on water

Thankfully the water has started receding in Brisbane and in fact when the people of Rosalie woke today all that water covering their houses was gone. This water comes up through the drains because it has no where else to go when the river is full. There has been a huge clean up team there this morning and they have had plenty of news coverage there today however there are lots of parts of Brisbane still underwater and they have yet to start their clean up. It appears that the Aussie spirit is thriving and everyone is lending a hand or donating money.

On water of a different nature Sienna wanted to do some dishes this morning however it's more about playing with bubbles than doing dishes but all kids love water and she is just like any 4 year old. She was at the kitchen sink for over half an hour having a great time. As you can see she decided to fill up the gloves with water rather than wearing them and when she held up the yellow glove full of water she said "look mum, it looks like a starfish" which indeed it did. Thankful for these precious little moments while there are so many others homeless and some jobless as a result of the 2011 floods.

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  1. Are you using the bottom one as the 365 shot - I hope so because it is fantastic!

    Have a great weekend :-)