Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo of the Day

This is today's "photo of the day" which I think is the cutest little thing. We (James, Sienna and myself) are responsible for keeping this little guy alive while our good friends were on holidays. We think his name is "grass head" however my good friend and I have nicknamed him Wilson after the basket ball and Tom Hanks love affair in Castaway, a good likeness don't you think?

Thankfully Wilson aka Grasshead is still alive and between the 3 of us we did a pretty good job at keeping the water topped up in the terracotta pot and the little rope at the bottom of his head sits in the water and sucks it up that way to keep his beautiful green hair alive. Again, a pretty clever idea when you think about it. Anyway we have all really enjoyed babysitting Wilson/Grasshead and must return him to his rightful owners over the weekend. I think Wilson/Grasshead will love being a part of Project 365 for 2011 and will look forward to his permanent place on the wall canvas at the end of the year.

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