Monday, January 10, 2011

Butterfly Cupcakes

The other day we made James' Harry Potter Cupcakes and on Sunday morning we made Sienna's cakes. Here she is with some masterchef attitude. Mind you, I think I will be telling Santa that the "Coles" brand of cupcake mix is no where near as good as the Harry Potter Cupcake mix. Sienna's cupcakes were 1cm high (no kidding, the whole cake) so I wouldn't recommend buying that brand at all. On the bright side I did have a very happy 4 year old and that's what counts.


  1. We made the same cakes a week or so ago - yes, I completely agree with you! The butterflies have lasted longer though and have been very useful for 'behaviour modification' ;-)

  2. Go the Harry Potter ones, they are light, fluffy, real cupcake size and delicious.