Tuesday, December 28, 2010

When your 4 year old tells you to come and take a look you should do it right away!!

Last night Sienna was having a bath for ages and I told her to get out and put her pj's on and she could watch some tv before bed. Well........ I went to put them both to bed and found Sienna still in the bath after tipping just about all the shampoo/hand wash in the bath and having the most wonderful time.

I suppose this doesn't sound very good but she isn't left to her own devices and I call out every 3 mins to make sure she is okay. As a result of how cute she looked she got away with wasting all the shampoo and instead I went and got the camera. That's how it works sometimes, lucky for them I love cute shots. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth (not!!) I love the cheeky shot of all the bubbles on her and the "thumbs up" sign.

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