Sunday, December 12, 2010

Seeing Santa

I took the kids to see Santa yesterday afternoon at Harvey Norman. I like to go about 15 mins before Santa is due to to off to the next place because there is are no long queues and we can talk to him for a few more minutes than if 20 kids were lined up. Both the kids engaged in conversation with Santa which was beautiful and they had no problems asking Santa for what they wanted.

James asked Santa for a Power Wing Scooter and I'm pretty sure Santa will be able to deliver this to him and the other present he wanted was connect to x-box 360. Sienna asked for a pink Power Wing Scooter and I'm pretty sure he will manage this as well although it won't be pink. The other present she asked for is a computer. Oh how times have changed. She is 4 years old, what about good old fashioned toys!!! Well this is the whole thing isn't it.

They can certainly ask Santa for things but at the end of the day Santa will bring one thing that is on their list and some other smaller things that they will enjoy like colouring in books, stickers, bubbles etc. I know Santa can't deliver big presents to all the kids in the world. Anyway I enjoyed taking them to see Santa and capturing those moments forever.
On the way to Harvey Norman it absolutely poured with rain and I could only see a couple of cars ahead of me. Luckily it eased off as we pulled into the car park but about an hour later it poured rain again. Here's a few photos of the rain in our backyard.

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  1. I've been busy - and you have been on a posting rampage!
    I love all of the special things you have been doing with the kids and - wow - look at that rain .... it is everywhere at the moment!